About me

Matt Michaelis is an independent songwriter and producer that specializes in guitar-driven rock and roll with blues, funk, and psychedelic influences. His top five musical influences include Jack White, Rival Sons, Led Zeppelin, Gary Clark Jr., and the Black Keys. His work has received recognition in several international songwriting competitions, including Songdoor, the Great American Song Contest, and the American Songwriting Awards. In 2017, he released his debut album, called “RESOLUTE.” The completion of this album marked an important milestone for Michaelis. After having grown up playing the piano, he severely injured his vocal chords while learning how to sing in 2009. After almost giving up music completely, Michaelis decided to learn the guitar.

He has just completed his sophomore album, called “INTERGALACTIC,” which was released on January 1, 2020. While “RESOLUTE” was rock based, it also incorporated elements of country, pop, and funk. With his second album, he is streamlining his efforts solely on his true passion: guitar-driven rock and roll.



“Michaelis is very clever at knowing just where to come in and bring these songs to life; there’s a cerebral vibe to these songs, but they don’t grab you that way at first because Michaelis knows how to write a song; by building it up instead of being one dimensional.”
– Larry Toering, Gas House Radio

“His guitar style swings from one genre to the next, keeping a lot of rock and funk in the center of it all; it’s musically adventurous and catchy.”
– Jeff Turner, Vents Magazine

“Super-incendiary guitar and keys by Michaelis, who plays both with equal precision.”
– John Birch, Skope Mag.

“There is so much going on musically, that it’s more than songs; that’s the kind of thing you get with every turn on ‘Resolute,’ an album that checks out in every way, shape and form.”
– Randy Jones, Too Much Love Mag.